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  • Living in Hemet

    • City of Hemet
    • City Entertainment
    • City Wine & Dine Spots
    • Career Education

    City Specs

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    Hemet is a city in the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County, California. It covers a total area of 27.8 square miles (72 km2), about half of the valley, which it shares with the neighboring city of San Jacinto. The population was 78,657 at the 2010 census.

    The founding of Hemet predates the formation of Riverside County. The formation of Lake Hemet helped the city to grow and stimulated agriculture in the area. The city is known for being the home of The Ramona Pageant, California's official outdoor play. Started in 1923, the play is one of the longest running outdoor plays in the United States. Hemet has been named a Tree City USA for 20 years by the Arbor Day Foundation for its dedication to the local forest. The city is home to the Hemet Valley Medical Center, a 320-bed general hospital.

    Things To Do
    • Hemet Museum
    • Western Science Center
    • Diamond Valley
    • Finger Prints
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    The Hemet Heritage Foundation exists as a local organization whose primary focus is the San Jacinto Valley, its rich history and its broad inventory of buildings, homes, scenic attractions, its Museum exhibits and other points of interest.

    ​The membership of this non-profit organization is dedicated to the mission of preserving and protecting our area's past so as to imbue in both young and old alike, continued appreciation and reverence for this unique and remarkable place.

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    Founded in 2006, the Western Science Center is committed to researching and sharing the natural world, from the Inland Empire and beyond.

    Metropolitan Water District of Southern California began excavating the manmade resevoir that would become known as Diamond Valley Lake in the early 1990s. At the time, it was the largest earthworks project in North America.

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    At The Diamond, you will discover some of the best fishing in the state. World-renowned for its black bass fishing, we are home to bluegill and redear sunfish, rainbow trout, and both blue and channel catfish. The Diamond attracts fisherman from all over the world ready and willing to test their skills against monster sized fish in these waters. Will you be remembered as a record-breaking Diamond Master?

    Monster sized fishes await. Come test your fishing skills at The Diamond today!

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    Fingerprints Youth Museum is a non-profit 501 organization, governed by United Communities Network.

    UCN oversees the successful operation of The Children's Museum, and is assisted by our team, who provide direction in the areas of administration, finance, marketing, public relations and exhibits.

    Wine & Dine Spots
    • Steer 'n Stein
    • Pop's Country
    • Milano's
    • Applebees
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    Steer 'n Stein was founded out of necessity on October 27, 1967 in Huntington Beach, California. I was unemployable, needed a job and place to eat, so I created all these for myself. It continues to exist today because the necessity still exists. Steer ’n Stein in Huntington Beach is no longer, but has branched out into locations throughout Southern California.

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    When you come into Pops Country Cafe you can expect that we work hard to give you the best customer service every time you stop in, create and serve you fresh HOMEMADE food. We specialize in Breakfast and Lunch and we give you the best HOMEMADE food at GREAT Prices.

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    The owners of Milano's Pizza and Italian Restaurant in Hemet are Frank and Jeff. They lead a professional staff that provides excellent food and service and bring good food, family and friends together. No matter what the occassion is—choosing Milano's Pizza and Italian Restaurant to be a part of your special occasion will enhance your event. Milano's Catering Services are available for your off premise dining occasions.

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    Since 1980, we've been bringing great food and big smiles to neighborhoods all over the world, and today, to this Applebee's in Hemet. Among the many reasons customers return, our food is by far the most popular excuse to visit.

    Colleges / Universities
    • Citrus College
    • Platt College
    • High Desert
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    Citrus College offers distinctive and outstanding educational programs and opportunities to meet the lifelong learning needs of our diverse population. Citrus provides a wide variety of supportive services and resources to assist our students in obtaining their educational goals. In addition, we are dedicated to working in partnership with our community to enhance the economic and social development of the area.

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    Serving the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire areas for over 30 years, Platt College offers degree programs to train graduates for careers in the legal, business, medical, information technology, and creative fields.

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    High Desert Medical College (HDMC) is a Legacy Education Institution. Our staff is highly educated, experienced and offers a winning approach to providing career training for students to prepare them for the best and hottest career fields.

    To help you reach your career goals, we provide in-depth programs that give you hands-on experience in a supportive environment. On-campus studying is easy at our growing schools, which feature a media room, lounge and library. Our career school teaching staff is consistently available and encourages constant communication for the best in training.

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